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Mistakes to Avoid After Being Injured in a Car Accident


At 911 Injured Now, Inc., our experienced and skilled team is dedicated to helping our clients recover from injury by providing them is effective, personalized treatment plans, especially after car accidents. However, there are many cases where our clients make mistakes that can hinder their ability to recover properly or receive insurance benefits necessary to cover their medical expenses.

The following are common mistakes people can make after being injured in a car accident:

  • Reveal too much information to the insurance adjuster. Medical and recovery treatments can be quite costly, which is why many injured victims seek financial assistance from their insurance coverage. However, if there is any way your adjuster can either reduce your compensation or deny their claim, they will because it is in their best interest to pay as little to you as possible. Do not go into specifics on how the collision happened, including admitting fault. Instead, only provide the minimum information required to file an accident claim.
  • Failure to document the accident. An important step to recovering your entitled compensation is maintaining a record of the crash, such as pictures and the police report. Furthermore, keep copies of our medical records or anything related to your injury claim.
  • Release your medical records. If your insurance company asks for copies of your medical records or access your patient file, don’t do it! They might be trying to find ways to avoid paying your full compensation.
  • Failure to correct mistakes. Make sure your medical records are mistake-free. Not doing so can have a negative impact on your claim.
  • Failure for not following doctor’s orders. Whether you miss appointments or engage in activities not recommended by your doctor, disobeying your doctor’s orders can result in more serious health issues and a reduced claim from your insurance provider.

If you require medical treatment or help to find legal assistance in Miami, FL after getting injured in a car accident, contact 911 Injured Now, Inc. today.

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