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Whiplash Injuries after a Car Accident


Whiplash is a common injury after a car accident. This type of injury involves an abrupt back-and-forth extension and retraction of the neck that results from a strong, sudden force, as in a rear-end accident. When the victim is struck from behind, the force causes the head to first fly back and then shoot forward, hyperextending the neck and resulting in injury.

Whiplash and other soft tissue injuries can be very painful and extremely disruptive to a person’s life, but they may not present symptoms immediately after an accident. In fact, it could take a few days before the victim even feels any pain, but this delay could seriously harm their claim. That is why it is extremely important to seek medical attention immediately after an accident, even if the victim doesn’t initially feel hurt. Without immediate medical treatment, it can be difficult to prove whiplash and the extent to which it interferes with the victim’s life. It is critical to have a qualified doctor record whiplash injuries as soon as possible after an accident in order to maximize the chance of success in a claim.

Help for Victims of Whiplash in South Florida

911 Injured Now, Inc. is the place to call if you’ve been injured in an accident. Not only can our medical staff evaluate your condition and provide the appropriate treatment, we can also refer you to an experienced attorney who can help you pursue compensation for your injuries. Once your whiplash injury has been medically documented, we can help you get the claims process started quickly. The sooner you notify the insurance company of your claim, the sooner you are likely to be reimbursed!

You only have 14 days to visit us after an accident, so do not delay in calling to schedule an appointment. Don’t risk your health and the outcome of your car accident claim because you didn’t call us! Monday through Saturday appointments are available when you call (844) 432-0505.

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