Injured in an Accident?

911 Injured Now—Your Immediate Access to a Full Medical & Legal Team

If you are experiencing pain that was caused by an accident, you need fast medical treatment and may be entitled to compensation for your accident-related injuries. Because you only have 14 days to act, it is essential you get in touch with our team right away. At 911 Injured Now, we can treat your injuries, and refer you to a lawyer who can help you recover possible compensation. Through our complete and proven practices, we do more than quickly treat your neck pain, back strain, and other accident-related injuries—we can connect you with an attorney who can represent you.

We offer free transportation for accident victims. Call us at (844) 432-0505 for details.

We understand how quickly your life can change after an accident, and how stressful it is to go through medical and legal-related matters. When you come see our professionals, we can treat all of your pain-causing symptoms, and put you in contact with a lawyer who will assist you through the legal process. This includes explaining your rights, and helping you determine the amount of compensation you are maybe entitled to. Whether you were the victim or the at-fault person in the accident, you still have the right to treatment, and we can craft the medical and legal remedies you need to successfully move forward. Because we care about your needs, you won't pay a dime unless a recovery is made!